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and i would darby i think we now have found the best best solution for the world cup. how we do it there it's a special outdoor monitor that sun rain all these has to be considered of course and at the end also that when the referee arrives that he can see immediately immediately the right thing because when we started we gave the referee on the pitch different angles and you look at days and days and days and he said look i'm clear i don't have the time so give me just the one where you are convinced that there was a clear so all these things we went through a thousand times just to really provide the best camera angle in the fastest possible time and what is also very important different to all the leaks is we will have an own offside station working station with in the year our set up and i tell you why because we also learned to have seen over the time that when a goal is scored the players are celebrating and suddenly after
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a minute or something you're featured in on a local story. it was offside so we said ok we want to be sure that this time is very very short we go to him to the maximum so we said everything that we can every where we can help the referee to make a very fast decision here would support for quality and so we have one. one of them will be always one of the top additional. referees linesman who will sit there together with an owner operator just for decision that we can be very very quick and that we can save time to get through this the vast and i mean we're . very big and very young. who will have four systems there because we were always want to have one backup system for the last day of the group stage we have. two matches at the same time so we will have a set up of four. one main we are and three eighty years so they're
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helping each other as i said one is only for the off side situations another want to steer in case. the part of the fall is over the next war is one of the cycle so we have the year we are is working very closely with an operator together so they're also training together they're working to together since now many many weeks a month so they know each other very well they speaking the same language they know each other they know exactly when they are saying something that the operator is immediately known ok he knows this and that we have the eight years of what is the a.t.o. this system we are doing he is following live in the moment when the checking incident because as you know football is flowing again that means it could be that the ball is not out of play and he's checking something and someone else has to follow the live match so that. is following the life imagine in case something
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occurs there another incident and he can take the moment and the. exactly then we have the third one as asserted the offside one and the fourth one who tries to provide the best communication between all the different the us and. in this in the center so it's. not a complex but it's really i would say set up that for all the different scenarios that can happen provides the best possible information in the shortest possible time what measures are you or what ideas are you bringing into that can be first of all minimize it but also keep our viewers the fans in detain and inform the moment it goes to an official review there will be a screen in the stadium showing ok this is a review there will be also the information about the final decision and the reason for it so no go for example and in addition after the decision is made. there will
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be also the size of angle shown in the stadium so that means we really hope with this process we really cover everything or we could be as much as strasburg on this possible. will. be running the appeal as i've become much more aggressive after the nuclear deal in twenty fifteen the only way to stop it is with russia and the united states work together what i think we share in common is much more than what separates us and i believe that the united states has realized that russia has legitimate interests in the middle east and before you know during the cold war and
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in it even after the cold war it was like a zero sum game. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be to win the death penalty just because i think that's the parent make the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict respond dennison the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying there's just no way to parent and that we're even many victims' families want the death penalty to be abolished the respect to get help here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite you know we've been through this this isn't the way.
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the current fee for president giani infancy no was not personally involved in the decision to award the world cups to either russia who will host in twenty twenty two so my suspicion was that perhaps to put his own touch of this tournament he has made his very own pet project and once a fee for headquarters in syria to ask him whether that was the case. the president the fever instead using a balance of the world cup can you guarantee that it's going to be a success and will be a success definitely it will be a success because there will never be a correct decision which would be changed into a wrong decision but there will be wrong decisions which will be corrected into
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a right decision so there are only upsides there are no downsides i don't understand why you have to be so perfect in the game do we really want that well we want to be as fair as possible and again that's why i always would need referees. referees there to take a decision hopefully the right decision when. one one one something is coming through which is not in accordance with the laws of the game so . if a gay. game in the world cup an important game but any game. is decided because of a mistake for every single place. and happen. it's not. right if we can correct it we felt that this has a detrimental impact on the game if you decide
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a world cup on the. offside goal on the on the on the hands goal. it doesn't feel. right because maybe twenty thirty years ago you wouldn't have the chance to be sure about it today you can and what you're not sure because sometimes even the video images there of you on the present security it's always the referee obviously who decides based on his own interpretation so we just help their free will give him a tool. to be able to correct a potential big stand they are is one minute per game. and they decide the gate so we can lose one minute per game if this has an impact on the result does not make an impression on you that fans are very confused and people who are actually active inside football have really nothing good to say about it which is your losses i was very positive when we got to december. i couldn't see anything good and i can't see
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anything good coming out of it. at all this is a guy who's played the game and obviously director of football and to function. it's going to ruin the game for the house at the same as these are people big experienced people this is this is this is not right all the system as it's designed is not right this are not make like an impression where you might think. my jumping the gun here should we just give it a little bit more time and not implemented in or you say such a big tournament as well i think in a big tournament like the world cup we have to implement the best tools that we have to. dispose of for for the referees to take the right the correct decisions. in the games. there are many. football players and coaches have expressed also very positive. opinions about this is mainly linked
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to the experience of course of that but that is made obviously when you lose one match because of yards before it was maybe the fall of the referee now it would be the. when you take the examples and i think up in. in england where this was tested. these were the first games in the first games in italy for example the season where all the games have been played or in portugal the first match days in germany as well there were heavy heavy criticisms then their phrase get used the players get used to coaches get used the public. gets used and the whole perception is changing as well when it comes to the world cup referees they are now capable of taking a decision in twenty seconds whereas one year ago it took them one minute but
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that's only for four of the world cup references that will work with and the pros was there on they were known as close to the world cup so their experience going in to the world cup would be very much like you say that in the beginning in italy in germany where the you know everyone was confused and when to use it not just so that you my driscoll having the same kind of problems that i was and the early part of the trial. while i don't think so we don't think so because. the referees who are going to the world cup they are preparing the use of the for for two years. since two years we have started in training them the team on the pier luigi collina is in charge of of the wind and they are ensuring that all the reference will be at the level that they are for tested it that they are all capable of using the best possible care and you're not afraid at all that you
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just giving the referees an excuse not to make a decision. oh i'm not doing that let me just go and see because that can happen well you know many many things going to happen but i think that the referees will go to the world cup they have enough personality to take the things that they have to take and to consult an additional tool that they have that is supposed if they feel that they have to believe that. there is no doubt that vast impact has been felt in the first week of the tournament it wasn't used at all in a few days but made its debut doing the first game of day three and making headlines in the process france and greece man was there once a benefit. he was awarded a penalty against australia after a penalty claim was taken two. after looking at the footage the referee decided that france did deserve the spot kick and after all that chrisman himself converted
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it to one of those schools and it's fair to say that australia's manager good friend mavic didn't agree with that decision and he was that left fuming saying i hope that maybe one time there will be a referee who is very honest when you're in that moment on your own you have to go to that video screen i saw him standing there the body language wasn't he didn't know from my position and then you have to take a decision france australia it's very difficult but when it's also difficult to decide when a referee for fifty thousand people on his back must decide when it's doubting. i have to say i'm with the australia boss and the evidence i don't think was conclusive and having seen it at least fifteen times over i'm still not convinced and i have a little bit of sympathy with phenolics frustration the aim of this technology is to eradicate referee mistakes from the game and i'm not sure that that was what
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happened in that situation later that day who was awarded the penalty by god decision and again there was real doubt many jutes of the poor video footage available in the end the penalty was kicked over the bar so there's no need to make a song and dance out of that situation sweden where next up to enjoy a bit of fortune courtesy of the referee from salvador didn't see much wrong when south korea's a young you only put a tackle in a place and inside the pendency box but the vase assistant did and after watching it on his pitch side manager referee joel correctly awarded sweden a penalty which was put in the back of the net by skipper and try as conquest. the only goal in that match and it's safe to say that that was a game changing intervention so violence been far from convincing up till now many of service mean prudent thing that diego costa's first goal for spain against
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portugal should have been taken to he clearly hit the portuguese defend the paper in the nick in the run up to the goal but neither the referee or the vos ist and reacted and the goal stood the contrivance he continued on the evening of day five when tunisia was awarded a penalty by the referee against a glint in volgograd that decision was one hundred percent correct but there were at least two incidents later in the game that should have been looked at a vince dangerman hurricane was clearly held down and gravel to the floor all twice and should have been awarded a pittance is in my opinion in both situations the issue for me is that both incidents appear to be worse than the penalty that was actually awarded and after the game feat admitted it would have to take at howard look at why there was no reaction from either the match referee all divide team back in moscow staring at the footage so the question is this voc working but it needs
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a multimeter developed before being introduced into a championship of the magnitude of the world cup before the tournament kicked off i was a doubter i didn't think it was ready and i thought it couldn't work in football in two thousand and eighteen but you know what i'm actually pleasantly surprised don't don't get me wrong it's not one hundred percent. but at its current state of development it's good enough to be useful by having it here at this world cup the experience will ensure that important lessons are learned understanding will improve and it could make the game fair after all so this is my position now on two months ago i was directly opposed to it but knowing. that it was inevitable to be introduced into the game and having seen it work in the first round of the world cup i now think it's pretty cool and i also think that the referees and deval assistance they've done a pretty good job overall. so moch so good to see you next time on the peter
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schmeichel show. you. get a phone no i don't have one was the last time that you went on the internet no i'm not using to meet these village is it safe to do so. are you sure there is no music ters there and that all good maybe should do the baby does a glossy his that is big.
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business we're doing it we thought. is dead as part of that was a good deal. that was worked out of us. previously yes and no they are being false form of words from a student member of the society. of. stock market manipulation by insiders they bet it. by regulators like the s.t.c. all the f.c.c. is doing here is see why you can look up on urban dictionary what that means all they're trying to do is cover their tracks so that when the lawsuits happen they
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can say oh we were aware of it we warned against it we're on top of it but they are aiding and abetting the regulators or capture the regulators or venal the regulator to pay off. the c.s. says harlan kentucky. police you can go green street fanny's. a co money since it was almost no co mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines of said. that it was love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here and that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how it's happened.
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to. day seven of the fifo world cup has wrapped up in russia the final whistle is blown into sand in the last game of the day where sprained her feet and there on one nail . also on wednesday saudi arabia and morocco are the first teams to be eliminated from the tournament after going down to europe y. and portugal respectively we talked to the fall of feet for president sepp blatter
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who announced russia as the host nation back in two thousand and ten about his impressions of the current ornament. this was the biggest star ever because it's my eleventh's world cup winner arrived yesterday i saw a little bit is my vote. and in other news eve states are condemning the u.s. decision to withdraw from the un human rights council saying the move may undermine washington's role as a champion of democracy. you're watching r.t. international live from our moscow studio with mina to welcome to the program the whole week has now passed since the biggest party on the planet kicked off in russia and there are still another three weeks of the world cup to go for all the details as well as the latest updates let's go to our special studio in the very
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center of moscow. it's another beautiful site for you on this moscow evening i wish i could say the football has been so beautiful if i could not have been the high scoring games have any of it intriguing in a very different way on wednesday peter schmeichel on saddam hussein three one nil results the last of which is just finished and it was spain which he stopped confidently predicted they were going to be the round but it was kind of scrappy and often in this match scrappy yes and very very exciting in the last fifteen minutes iran actually had the ball in the net that we all thought they'd scored but the linesman the cable side and it was taking two of our decision
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to talk about this later and it was the correct decision it was thought for a moment. we thought it was one one and it was going to be it was going to be an even interesting more interesting and to the game which spain did it. as i said on many occasions probably the best team in this tournament. and you know they played the game exactly the way they had to do it and came away with three points which puts and firmly back in control of this group get four points alongside portugal at the top you said that they would stick with this this game plan that the ticketek football the keep looking for an opportunity was nil our time and iran were kind of on the ropes that the ways of attacks were increasing in frequency eventually the pressure told but it was very unfortunate i think so this was the goal that came from the strike could diego costa i don't know how much he knew about it on fifty four minutes just going to say you didn't really come from him did it and it was
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a ricochet the defender risen. i was the last year he was really free is a goal and it's the second time we see that goal scored with with a neat so we saw it in the russian game yesterday and here we see that again it's the across the he knows nothing about it and he goes in and diego costa has now got three goals in this tournament quit just wanted to say you took it about you know the vested interest in how successful host nation kicks of a great atmosphere russia are all playing today you still hear the horns and some chancing coming from from from down there the atmosphere really. annoying a bit now to what actually is fear remains is still fun to stick and that's just one of the questions about the atmosphere here that was put to the full fee for chief joe so he set the black family quite a very formally chosen set blatter who said that we kate partridge in our studio earlier. as you arrived last night did you manage to get much sleep with all the revelers action the streets of moscow you see after day victory and demanded to dig
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story of russia. until four o'clock in the morning in dover tell them it's impossible to sleep but after vs could put clothes on the floor to witness at the arrival this second victory of russian team qualified to for the next round and everything is open now it is actually it's made it a very very open sort of very open going pay and it's always a good thing isn't it when the host nation as a world cup has such a good start for me this was the elements of this was the best start ever because it's my eleventh's world cup. i was very actively here and i guessed. the first match of the organizing committee of the of the host that's important and just taken even more and now it's all well it's all well needs some say central for the whole competition and also it benefits the country as
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a whole doesn't it. if he keeps it at ninety a psychological base also an economic waste as well absolutely and you know what is important also to this drug russia where they have been the you saw it say. so many doubts about the organization will the abilities and so on what will happen it started it started it started they've moved it to and especially in the stadium has a van the full amens in this age of football is good is not good at the best because in the first round you have to look a little bit that good to see both and you see television audience international russia is now in all the world all the world by television mundell bizzle and this is very important how do you think that they are has had an impact on this well cup it is a positive thing to think it's a negative thing by same it is it is not yet totally and ready to be
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introduced in a vote because the we are it would be good if the. in the let's say the referees did the television referees should always be just same group. because now they change every match and you know in a referee. according to their also think game it is always said if in the old pinion of terrific in the opinion of today for that there is no one feel also fit to approach the days of the air and this must be that is new speed prove it because now there are some doubts and. seeing that in the future it will not create problems let's go back to the game that has got back to it all those matches that are coming out which is that we've looked at they the i think they're
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being fixtures there we have to the results i mean p.g.a. things. let's get a prediction who do you think is going to win well because the winner of to find him yeah i know it's easy to say that it's easy to said that. already at the very beginning of one of the big teams says lost and then depending if they finish first in the group or not then every single change because it is a plan which has been established that number one should always win at the fifty's not to case and then all. of the possible solutions are novel. wise words from. a former fee for presidents and his eighty's who by the way at the moment is either banned i don't know the suspended from football but this tournament is already proving that football indeed is a unifying force after the shot of a fan celebration went viral. which is
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a crowd of rival supporters lifting a man in a wheelchair as they watched the game in the fan zone took place on the first day of the world cup after the opening ceremony the funny see that twenty five year old egyptian i found said he came to russia to support his national team and he shared with us the story behind the photograph. it was an amazing experience i think a lot of people are saying it was because of the they were helping me to watch the match but we were actually just celebrating for the opening ceremony and all these guys i just met and we were celebrating dancing and all of a sudden i find myself up in the air it's crazy we haven't really had a lot of luck but other than that i think the atmosphere over here is amazing and people are great everyone is so friendly you can feel you can really feel the love from everyone around you explored it in general gives you an opportunity to create so much more to live a different life every obstacle is an opportunity for you to step up and just enjoy
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life more and. live life to the max. they were laws that were it was a like that now anticipation is building ahead of tomorrow's big game between argentina and croatia creation some people surprisingly now topping group d. after they beat nigeria south americans and their talisman leo messi could do with a win after unexpectedly dropping two points against the newcomers iceland the team the team arrived on wednesday nizhny novgorod where the game is being played finds highly excited about messes of rival parties will cook. shares with his thoughts on this match. thanks. as a team and through issue. is a team with some talented experienced players have seen the best clubs in the world i don't think even that in the past two years there has been there for evolution.


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